NABO keeps up the pressure

Published: Thursday, 17 June 2021

IT IS not generally known but the National Association of Boat Owners (NABO) is responsible for keeping up the pressure regarding the moorings consultation document.

This document from Canal & River Trust is a miss-match of new regulations for controlling boaters and moorings in London with the trust now on its third draft that has just been published. And the NABO council should surely get credit for the hard work that it has engaged in with this document, and the consultation beforehand, for many months.

Holding the trust to account

NABO have been quietly holding the trust to account, persuading it to review the poor readability, GDPR issues, the re-writing of 5.1 to make clearer the requirements for home moorers when they cruise as well as the ridiculous conditions that they have now been forced to remove.

NABO tells that it will continue to press for a further 4th(!) draft, correcting or removing more of the new and non-consulted terms and condition. These include the attempt to separate boat licences and boaters having to obey volunteers' instructions amongst others.

This has been a shoddily produced document and if NABO had not held the trust to account, would have gone through in its first presentation, much to the detriment of boaters' needs.