Another boy drowns

Published: Wednesday, 02 June 2021

Still another another boy drowns.

This time in the Calder & Hebble Navigation at Brighouse, Alan Tilbury reports.

13 years old boy

This time a 13 years old boy who lost his life after attempting to swim in the navigation yesterday, Tuesday.

He was reportedly playing with friends at the canalised section of the river when he was seen in difficulties.

Though his body was quickly recovered by the emergency people, he had lost his life. Though the investigations are at an early stage it is reported as being a tragic accident.

Canal & River Trust

Of swimming in its canals and rivers, Canal & River Trust warn:

'We know that for some people, indoor swimming just isn't their thing.  The open waters across our network often seem like inviting, cool places to grab some exercise.

However, open water swimming can be dangerous. Some risks are obvious, but there are also potential hidden dangers. These include submerged debris, reeds and unexpected cold-water shock. Some of our water spaces, in particular canals, are just not safe or appropriate for open water swimming, and it remains a breach of the Trust’s byelaws to swim in these spaces.'