A slow journey indeed

Published: Wednesday, 02 June 2021

OUR 'Ancient Boater' obviously missed that the 27th May was not the 31st, writes Kevin McNiff.

Today, the 31st would have rekindled his joy if he could have found a seat to quaff his pint. Bank holiday pandemic style!

KevinWoodEndHours to get to Wood End

Every picture tells a story so this will give everyone a feel for the trip which took 2.5 hours to get to Wood End from the junction.

Well at least it was sunny and warm! The boat following me was not helping the log jam by moving up to the lock landing, nor did his crew get off and help the lockie.


However, I was given a helpful piece of advice when leaving Shade House Lock by the man off said boat—“The boat coming towards you is going into the lock so make sure you move to the right when you leave.”

Er what? There are boaters and then people who drive boats. Couldn’t make it up.

At least the grey fat boat at Willoughby had gone last week when we went through so maybe things are looking up, like the weather!