Boat sinks in Stenson Lock

Published: Wednesday, 02 June 2021

THE 'dreaded six' broad locks on the Trent & Mersey up from the Trent have claimed another victim.

stenson rainToday another boat sunk in Stenson Lock leaving it of course out of action, Keith Gudgin reports.

Volunteer lock keepers

It is not known if volunteer lock keepers were on duty at the time, but as the twice we negotiated the lock in May there were none, our being told they were finding it too difficult, as we can certainly confirm, so most likely there were not any on duty.

However River Canal Rescue has been called out as a point of urgency 'to assist the boat out of the lock' is how Canal & River Trust describe the operation.

LATEST Thursday:

River Canal Rescue have completed the removal of the boat from Stenson Lock and the navigation is again open.