Four Counties Ring to close for 10 days

Published: Thursday, 15 April 2021

THERE is going to be a tremendous disruption to available cruising as the Four Counties Ring is to be closed for 10 days.

It was Linda Andrews who told that with all the stoppages there was only the Four Counties Ring left to cruise, but alas, this too will soon be unavailable as it will be closed on the Middlewich Branch, Keith Gudgin reports.

Stanthorne LockUp to ten days to complete

The stoppage is at Stanthorne Lock (2) on the branch at Middlewich, with Canal & River Trust telling that it is going to start work next Monday 19th April and will take up to 10 days to complete.

As contributor Roger Fox remarks—'This one begins to boggle the mind. Clearly this has been damaged for some time and they choose to start work now and close for 10 days, even working seven days a week. It must be some repair'.

Been in need of repair

The trust admits that it has been in need of repair, as it tells it has seen further deterioration of the damaged [offside] gate and the feedback from customers is that the lock is proving extremely difficult to operate.

Why it cannot have undertaken the necessary repair whilst the lockdown was in progress is not known, only that it will cause maximum disruption to boaters at this early state of the new season and play havoc with the hire companies' schedules.

Start in five days

The trust reports that its engineers and operations team have been to site to reassess the lock and have deemed it crucial for the repair works to take place as soon as possible—in five days time!

The lock will be closed next Monday at 8am and will remain so for up to ten days, closing the Four Counties Ring.