Taxi driver turned into canal after told to by sat nav!

Published: Thursday, 15 April 2021

A TAXI driver was driving to a fare alongside the Bridgewater Canal when his sat nav ordered him to 'turn left'—he didstraight into the canal!

UntitledThe driver managed to escape from his Jaguar as only the front end was in the water of the canal in Eccles, Alan Tilbury reports.

Embarrassing task

Then he had the embarrassing  task of having to report his error, explaining that he had followed the sat nav instructions into the canal.

Luckily he was not carrying any fare at the time. His vehicle was eventually rescued by the Roads Policing Unit. Photograph courtesy of Greater Manchester Police.


It was suggested the driver should be reported to the council and have to re-sit his driving exam, as it was 'shocking'.