No navigation at Weaver swing bridge

Published: Thursday, 11 March 2021

THE repairs to Winnington Swing Bridge have hit an 'issue' that is preventing its operation.

The swing bridge was closed to navigation on the 19th February after the floods caused its electrics to fail, but it has been discovered the repairs will be more extensive than first envisaged, Keith Gudgin reports.

Winnington Swing BridgeCome adrift

The cables controlling the swing bridge have come adrift from where they are secured on the river bed, with Canal & River Trust working with the local authority to investigate the issue as work is required to re-fix the cables.

These cables operate the lights controlling the traffic on the bridge and so we are told that 'whilst a method of repair is being organised, navigation will remain closed'.

Though the swing bridge is operated for the passage of ships using the Weaver and narrowboats can easily navigate under it, it is still closed for all boats.