'Open stretches of water can kill'

Published: Thursday, 11 March 2021

I SHOULD imagine that the phrase 'Open stretches of water can kill' by a senior coroner went down like a lead balloon at Canal & River Trust, writes T. Lang.

Especially as it was backed up by three drownings on the Wigan Flight then followed by seven sexual assaults on women on the towpath of the Bridgewater.

MakingLifeBetter200Making life better by water

It certainly gives the lie to all those blue signs telling us it is 'making life better by water', for it certainly wasn't for them or the many others we have read about over the years who have been attacked on the towpaths by that water.

Blue signs telling people not to walk alone would be more in keeping.  It would surely help cut down the attacks, but that will never happen.

The sign

It reminds me of the sign you took a photo of when you were cruising the Staffs & Worcs. (I believe) and Victor wrote about it. Particulary the 'How?'