Mercia Marina bucks the trend

Published: Wednesday, 10 March 2021

EVEN in lockdown Mercia Marina on the Trent & Mersey Canal continue apace with its development and improvements with the upgrading of pontoons to non-slip fibre grid.

The upgrade replaces the industry-standard wooden pontoons with DuraComposite walkways. The new pontoons are not only much safer, especially when wet or icy, but are also attractive and quiet.

The Grounds and Maintenance team has also been enhancing the existing heat trace protection, so it covers all boat water points thus ensuring water is available in even the coldest weather.

Other improvements saw the introduction of power-assisted automatic opening pedestrian gates, just in time for Covid-19 safety precautions.

Perfect LodgesHoliday home demand surges

With an easing and eventual exit from the pandemic in sight many people are looking forward to safe holidays in self-contained accommodation in quiet locations.  Mercia has seen a surge in holiday home purchases with only three plots remaining in the current selling phase.

Sales have been so strong, more than a dozen new luxury holiday homes have been ordered from the builder, Pinelog.  The pandemic has led many to invest in holiday homes for staycations owing to the tough restrictions on international travel.

Boat owners

More than half of the new owners are boat owners looking to mirror their leisure lifestyle with boating with the purchase of an on land luxury retreat.  Others have seen the income potential and purchased lodges as a holiday-let investment. 

FlowersWith such demand Mercia have put in planning for further lodges to commence after all the current plots are sold. The investment in the holiday and second home market will provide work and even create future jobs despite the pandemic.

Looking after the environment

Aside from creating spaces for holiday relaxation, an area has been recently created at Mercia as a wildlife area called The Haven. The area is specially designed to attract wildlife with a wildlife pond, shallow and with sloping banks making it perfect for pond dwelling insects, bees, butterflies, birds and other creatures to drink in safety.

The shallow stony sides will allow mammals such as hedgehogs to get out easily if they fall in. Pond plants will encourage wildlife and provide breeding areas.  It not only goes hand in hand with the marina’s Gold conservation awards from David Bellamy, but also helps educate boaters and holiday visitors about the array of wildlife.  At Mercia, you just need to scratch the surface.