More dithering over silt removal

Published: Wednesday, 10 March 2021

ON THE heels of Canal & River Trust's dithering about the removal of silt at Radcliffe Lock on the Soar, comes more of same.

There is silt build-up at Bank Dole Lock (5) on Bank Dole Cut off the Aire & Calder where currently it is liaising with contractors regarding suitable dates for carrying out the necessary silt removal works at the site, Keith Gudgin reports.

Scheduled accordingly

We are told that this work forms part of a larger dredging programme across the Yorkshire & North East region and will be scheduled accordingly.

Which means it is 'likely to be able to resume in April, on a date yet to be confirmed'.

Arrive in late March

As to the silt at Radcliffe Lock, we are informed again that a crane boat is required and is expected to arrive on the 22nd March when work will hopefully then commence.

Which makes it a month to get there as the stoppage was on the 21st February.