Long closure likely for Trent & Mersey Canal landslip

Published: Wednesday, 27 January 2021

THE landslip on the Trent & Mersey Canal looks like causing a long closure.

It was near bridge 200 at Soot Hill at Anderton, where the recent storm loosened the soil and undergrowth that then fell into and closed the waterway, Keith Gudgin reports.


An inspection discovered the canal had been blocked by fallen soil and vegetation with additional risk to the towpath and particularly to the gas main above.

The contractors have managed to create a narrow channel to acts as a feeder through the site but surveys will have to be undertaken to assess the current risk which will guide the efforts to remove the remaining material without causing further damage. (Photograph courtesy of Phil Dailey.)

Third party owned

A further problem is that the offside land from where the landslip occurred is third party owned meaning it will have to be involved in any solution.

In the meantime both the navigation and the towpath remain closed.