Now no escsape from the Weaver

Published: Wednesday, 27 January 2021

THE information that the Anderton Boat Lift is out of action means that that there is no escape for water or pump-outs for boaters stuck on the Weaver.

It was earlier today we reported the lack of such facilities on the Weaver due to the flood, but Canal & River Trust have good news and are pleased to report that as the flood recedes it has been able to get access to the pumps that have been damaged in the flood, Keith Gudgin reports.

AndertonPumpHouseThe bad news

The bad news however is that they will now have to be removed and delivered to a specialist contractor for repair, as of course there are no spares.

Neither is there any intimation how long this will take as it remarks: 'At present we are not in receipt of an estimated time-frame for the repair by our contractors'.  However, an update is expected in February.

Made water-tight

As this is not the first time this has occurred perhaps the time has come for the building holding the pumps to be made water-tight, that would save a great deal of trouble and expense...