No water or pump-out services on the Weaver

Published: Wednesday, 27 January 2021

BOTH the water point and pump-out services on the Weaver are out of use for boaters.

A situation has arisen that could be awkward for not only trapped continuous cruisers but also boats at the marina on the Weaver.

Out of use

Not only is the Town Bridge services water point out of use but so is the pump-out and as far as is known it's the only pump-out on the river. The nearest alternative being at Anderton on the Trent & Mersey but only if the lift is in operation. 

There are water points at Saltersford and Dutton locks but as the river is closed to navigation the locks will not be in operation putting the water point out of reach to boats above it. The locks will be closed and padlocked as they are manned and not boater operable!

A bit of a problem

So with no water points or pump-out available and no way off the river it might be a bit of a problem for boats on the heavily flooded river at the moment.