'Material slips into waterway' on an embankment!

Published: Monday, 21 December 2020

NOTICES from Canal & River Trust are famous for their inaccuracies and the latest concerning a land slip keeps up the trend.

The Trust states: 'Due to an embankment slippage and earth material sliding into the navigation passage in this section should only be taken if absolutely necessary, navigation is reported to be difficult at the site of the embankment slippage'.

Waterway on an embankment

This is tells is at Wheaton Aston Bridge (18) on the Shropshire Union Canal, but this bridge is away from the embankment to Turner's Garage, in fact below Wheaton Aston Lock, where the waterway is raised on a built-up embankment at one side and flat fields on the other with nothing higher that the cut, as Keith Gudgin reports.

So how has 'earth material' slid into the canal?  Unless another bank has collapsed?  Or the location is wrong?

Obviously another 'Cartism', especially as the stoppage notice has not been checked with the phrase  'Wheaton Aston Windgin Hole' being allowed.