Then the remaining paddle fails...

Published: Monday, 21 December 2020

WHILST cruising the Staffs & Worcs in September a fellow boater told us that Kinver Lock gate had only one paddle working.

KinverLockThe man told that he had informed Canal & River Trust and told it would be 'passed on' but was asked if the lock was 'still operational', which of course it was, and was warning us as the remaining paddle wasn't so good.  But that time with the virus restrictions we did not get that far, having to turn back.

Nothing done

Nothing was done so the gate continued to be operated with the one paddle, but alas not for long, for that working paddle has now failed and so the lock is closed, Keith Gudgin reports.

That shows yet again that to keep the waterways operational the least that can be done is to repair paddles when they fail—not leave it until that sole paddle then fails, closing the waterway, that alas happens all too often.