Aire & Calder breached

Published: Monday, 21 December 2020

AFTER the heavy rain the Aire & Calder Navigation breached yesterday, that is threatening local villages.

The breach in the bank of the e Aire & Calder Navigation near New Bridge.

Emergency services

Canal & River Trust have not yet issued a notice of the breach, but emergency services are attempting to plug the flow of water from the navigation that has swollen after the heavy rain.

Such is the concern that a helicopter was on hand at first light this morning to attempt to plug the breach with aggregate, and pumps are being brought in to attempt to reduce the water level in the navigation.

Heavy flooding

The area was hit by flooding in February, when over 80 homes were affected by flooding after heavy rainfall, with the residents now being warned to be on standby for evacuation, though there is no report of any yet being affected.