Of course it's CaRT's fault

Published: Thursday, 12 November 2020

OF COURSE it is CaRT's fault that it closes the waterways, writes T. Lang.

It is CaRT that made the decision, and to compare it with roads is simply ridiculous.

You can use the roads

'We can't use the roads, but don't get offered a refund of car tax' Martin Howes reported. Of course we can use the roads. You can use them for shopping, work and other reasons officially.  I used the roads on Monday to go shopping and my son uses them every day to get to work and back home, as allowed.

As to his 'but don't get offered a refund of car tax' shows his ignorance, for hasn't he heard of SORN?  I used it when I was abroad a couple of years ago for three months leaving my car at home, and had a refund on my road tax, that you certainly do not get from CaRT, so where on earth is the similarity?

[Many of you have pointed out the above, which have been acknowledged, but we are just publishing the two replies from the people that were mentioned—Editor.]