Found it most confusing

Published: Monday, 05 October 2020

I HAVE to add to your article about boats 'hanging up on the cill', writes Joyce Collins.

My husband and I hired a boat to explore the Llangollen Canal in September, which was our first effort, and we just could not understand the notice on the ground about keeping forward of the cill as there was no space to take it forward as it would hit the gate.

Asked what it meant

It was only later when we asked people in a boat what it meant, and they told us it was nothing to do with going up the locks but coming down.

To people who have boats or frequently hire I expect this would be known, but we found it most confusing.  Why not state 'Keep forward of the cill WHEN DESCENDING'.  That would certainly make sense to newcomers.

All very confusing

Another point, how were we to know what a cill was?  All very confusing and little wonder why so many get caught out and their boats sink.  Not very health and safety.