No quick fix for Chesterfield Canal lock

Published: Thursday, 01 October 2020

THE Canal & River Trust originally told the broken gate on a Chesterfield Canal lock was caused by damage.

MistertonTopLockBut further inspection has shown it was a worn-out heel post of one of the gates on Misterton Top Lock 'resulting from rotten timber', Keith Gudgin reports.

Not safe enough

Further more detailed investigations are now required and will take place over the coming days.  In the meantime the lock gate is deemed not safe enough to operate and will be closed until investigations have been completed and a repair undertaken.  The picture shows the gates in 2003.

It is not known why the rotten timber was not previously replaced.  Or when the canal will reopen. Which means the Chesterfield Canal is closed half a mile from where boaters access the canal from and to the Tidal Trent.