Improvements to towpaths and more signs

Published: Thursday, 01 October 2020

WARWICKSHIRE County Council wants money invested in twopaths and signs to 'improve accessibility and connectivity between areas'.

AnotherEnjoySignSo have joined forces with Canal & River Trust to improve Warwickshire’s canal network to help boost tourism in the county, and committed to working with the Trust to draw up a list of improvements including to towpaths and signs, to improve accessibility and connectivity between areas, Alan Tilbury reports.

A massive asset for tourism

A motion acknowledged the canal network, which passes through all five districts and boroughs, is a massive asset for tourism, wellbeing and ecology, and recovery plans would be mindful of its potential to boost tourism.

Green Party leader Jonathan Chilvers proposed the motion, remarking:

“In the past we’ve missed out on funding to improve things like muddy towpaths, because we didn’t have a plan ready when opportunities came up. That should now change.”

The county councillor also wants to see a canal festival play a part in City of Culture.  The Leamington Canal Festival, set to take place in June, was cancelled due to the pandemic