The stinking Thames

Published: Thursday, 01 October 2020

DATA has been discovered that shows Thames Water released raw sewage into the Thames 1,300 times in 2019, and is still doing so.

This has prompted a petition that has amassed 3,382 signatures in less than a week, Alan Tilbury reports.

Sewage from water treatments facilities

It was discovered the the raw sewage from water treatment facilities along the river below Lechlade was discharged for 17,000 hours in total, polluting the river right down to Reading.

Campaigners from End Sewage Pollution Thames started the petition in the hope that it would pressure Thames Water to invest in upgrading the sewage system and treatment works upstream that would then increase capacity and so stop having to release raw sewage into the river during heavy rainfall.

Can be bypassed

The treatment plants treat sewage to remove solid items and break down harmful contaminants. But this can be bypassed if there is no alternative to relive pressure on the system.

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