Wide beams on inappropriate waterways

Published: Wednesday, 30 September 2020

The consultation survey on changes to the Licence conditions has been published and will run for 12 weeks, writes Kevin McNiff.

While there are several aspects that are important, I believe that the section on wide beams on inappropriate waterways is a must!

Unable to uphold complaint

I vigorously took up the challenge of these boats on the north Oxford but even the ombudsman was unable uphold the complaint.

Perhaps this and (obviously) others have prompted CaRT to propose that boats can only go where the maximum dimensions allow. Whether this will apply retrospectively to vessels already within the navigation and marinas is probably up for debate and objection, but it should.

Could exempt

If the majority of these fat boats are used simply as floating cottages, CaRT could exempt them from paying cruising licences.  It is not unknown for narrowboats moored in non-CaRT waters (Alvecote and Barry Hawkins’ Yard spring to mind); they simply pay for shorter term licences.