Government warns museums about removing artefacts

Published: Wednesday, 30 September 2020

THE government has warned museums to stop removing controversial artefacts or they will lose funding.

This of course relates to the Black Lives Matter movement whose supporters want such artefacts removed from museum displays, and which Canal & River Trust is investigating and wishes, it states, to 'move forward', regarding such artefacts in its museums. Concede to BLM campaign.

Will not tolerate removal

But the government has made clear that it will not tolerate the removal of such artefacts and should museums stop displaying such objects or statues it could jeopardise their taxpayer support.

It is stated that such publicly funded bodies should not be taking actions motivated by activism or politics.

Published an initial review

Canal & River Trust has published an initial review of academic literature about canals and transatlantic slavery, so joining the many others who have succumbed to its pressure, telling 'the Black Lives Matter movement has spurred on the Trust to start exploring these issues and make them more widely known'.