'Snowflake' generation affecting the waterways

Published: Thursday, 03 September 2020

THE 'snowflake' generation and its pathetic thinking is now affecting the waterways.

SnowflakesStopped'Snowflakes' have decreed that horses pulling boats is cruel and must not be allowed, bringing in so much controversy that the lady running such trips on the Wey has giving up after 35 years.

Glides easily with little effort

Every narrowboat owner knows from pulling in a boat when mooring or pushing it out into the waterway, it needs an initial push then glides easily with little effort, making the pulling of a narrowboat by a horse absolutely effortless, but what are now called 'woke' people using the canal where the towing operates have claimed it is cruel and must stop.

Giving in to these senseless idiots—for that is obviously what they arenot having the sense to realise how easy it is for the horse to pull the boat, is the worst we can do, as where will it end?

DawnRosePullPeople pull the boat

Showing the ease of pulling a narrowboat is well proved by the 'boat pull' organised by the Chesterfield Boat Trust, where people actually volunteer to pull the boat to raise funds for the Trust.  If just two people can pull the boat (a very heavy barge) even the crazy 'snowflakes' should be able to realise that it is nothing for an horse.

It was Jenny Roberts who has run a successful boat trip business on her horse-pulled narrowboat Iona for 35 years, but 'snowflake' users on the Wey at Godalming have accused her of 'animal cruelty' towards the horse.

Added their 'cruel' complaints

Cyclists racing past have yelled at her and inexperienced 'woke' paddle boarders, out of control, have also added their complaints of it being cruel. so she has retired and so the 'snowflakes' have won, with now no horse drawn boat trips at Godalming.

It is indeed a good job there were no 'snowflakes' in the days when virtually everything was carried by horse drawn barges, otherwise the country would have been at a standstill!