Arsenal of weapons found in Leeds & Liverpool Canal

Published: Friday, 04 September 2020

GUNS and knifes have been discovered in the Leeds & Liverpool Canal by a magnet 'fisherman'.

An arsenal of weapons, including sub machines guns, small arms, machete and knifes have been found in the Leeds & Liverpool Canal by a very shocked Andrew Whiteman, Alan Tilbury reports.

At Burnley

His 'haul' included two sub machine guns, a revolver, other hand guns, a machete and a collection of knives, that he pulled out of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal at Burnley.

The main haul was wrapped in plastic, but carrying on he discovered two further hand guns a short distance away with his device that can lift 550kg of metal.

Armed response unit

A dedicated magnet 'fisherman' this find really shocked him, and he lost no time in contacting the police, with an armed response unit responding and arriving on the towpath.