The exception that proves the rule

Published: Thursday, 03 September 2020

I enjoyed reading the article by Ralph Freeman on marinas, writes Robert Neff.

Much of what he writes is true, especially of marinas built in the past decade.

long jettiesThe exception

However, I’m happy to report that Mercia is the exception that proves the rule. Whilst we have undoubtably developed greatly over the past 13 years, our prices have gone up by inflation.

We started with 140 berths booked in and despite having waiting lists prices are still based on the original, our facilities blocks were finished a couple months after we opened.  We had a tea room and convenience store almost from the beginning, we have not taken away any parking but added it.

Here since the beginning

I’m still here (God help me!) and as one of the owners our talk now is how those with children will pass it on to them. Many of our moorers have been here since the beginning as have many of the staff and many boaters that leave come back.  Regarding events, our boat and lodge community hold more than we do!