Buckby Flight now closed until next week

Published: Friday, 07 August 2020

BAD news indeed for all those boaters piling up wanting to use Buckby Flight on the Grand Union Canal—it will not be open today (Friday) as promised.

Canal & River Trust tell that it has discovered further maintenance issues, which require our attention, so no reopening this morning as was expected, Keith Gudgin reports.

Maintenance issues

At least it has admitted it is 'maintenance issues' that are causing the extra delay, showing once again that the continuing lack of maintenance to the infrastructure is decimating the whole system causing stoppage after stoppage now virtually daily.

This time, after removing the fish, it was discovered that it needed work to both cills that are loose and even a hole in the lock gate that requires further 'maintenance work'.

Cannot use crane

This is made worse as due to the location the Trust cannot get its crane boat close enough, so much of the work is having to be done manually.

So there will be no passage this weekend, but hopes are for a Monday opening.