Thame Valley Canal in rough condition

Published: Wednesday, 29 July 2020

TWO boaters having their first experience of the Tame Valley Canal tell it is is rough condition.

Friends Steph and Dan tell it was a bad experience cruising the waterway, having to fill virtually every pound as they dropped down Perry Barr Flight as their photograph below shows, and the pounds were full of rubbish.

StephNot seen a boat in ages

They only passed a single boat over the entire canal and the walkers they met kept saying they had not seen a boat in ages.

It was way back in 2012 when we ventured onto the Thame Valley Canal and even then it was strewn with rubbish, but at least the locks on Perry Barr Flight held water, as there were no empty pounds, but it seems lack of maintenance is taking its toll on yet another waterway.

Would have been stuck

A bit of luck though, as they had moved from Sawley Marina to King's Bromley Marina or they would have been stuck at Derwent Mouth Lock unable to get to their berth!