Derwent Mouth Lock closed for a week

Published: Wednesday, 29 July 2020

GOING though Derwent Mouth Lock on the Trent last Tuesday we noticed its shocking state.

DerwentMouthJuly20 400And shocking it was with the bottom gates ill-fitting and leaking, covered in vegetation and the handrail broken and unsafe, the picture giving some idea of its state, and Keith Gudgin telling of its closure yesterday, Tuesday.

Such a poor state

And of course the obvious came to pass—it was in such a poor state that it had to be closed for repair, but not alas for a couple of days, but for a week, with little hope of it being reopened until next Wednesday, we are told.

But not only are the bottom gates in a mess the top gates too are in need of repair, as can be seen from the picture, but Canal & River Trust have not stated the problem or which set of gates need attention.

DerwentMouthTop2020All we are told is 'urgent maintenance works required at Derwent Mouth Lock'.  Work that we have seen has required 'maintenance' for a long while, but once again it seems the 'wait until in breaks' system is alive and well...

Boaters stuck

There are already a number of boaters stuck at the lock, but if they have to get through all they can do is wait until next Wednesday.

The reason given is 'these works are essential for the safety of the lock and our customers who use it'.