Mooring post causes panic and shuts navigation in Leeds

Published: Thursday, 30 July 2020

 PANIC took over Leeds yesterday with parts of the city in lockdown, the army called in and CaRT closing the Aire & Calder—for a mooring post!

It was magnet fishers who hauled up a rusty metal object believing it to be an unexploded bomb, calling the emergency services, Keith Gudgin reports.

Closing off streets

Then 'all hell broke loose' one spectator  related, with the police hastily closing off streets, vehicles stopped, an army bomb disposal team called and even a stoppage notice from Canal & River Trust closing the Aire & Calder through the city.

All that was discovered was an old rusty metal mooring post!

The magnet fishers discovered the object near Granary Wharf earlier in the afternoon, and believing it to be an unexploded bomb hastily backed away and called the emergency services with a huge area cordoned off stopping both vehicles and pedestrians until the army arrived on the scene to discover exactly what it was.

Stoppage notice

Canal & river Trust issued a stoppage notice closing the Aire & Calder Navigation between River Lock & Leeds Dock.  All is of course now clear.