Drained 'Narrow' canal problem sorted

Published: Thursday, 23 July 2020

IT WAS Ray Fincham who told us the reason for the drained pound on the Huddersfield Narrow Canal.

He was informed the understanding was that the length was drained when Huddersfield University extracted water from the pound to provide cooling in the air-conditioning system, but then returned the water to the pound below.

Make a booking

This results in the pound above Lock 1E on the canal being drained on a daily basis, but Canal & River Trust have come up with a solution, in asking boaters wanting to use that pound to first make a booking with the Trust, then it will make sure that water has been let down from the pounds above.  The number to ring is 0303 0404040 between 8am and 4pm.

The advantage of booking is that there is a good chance of the pound being full when the boater arrives rather than having to wait if a call is made upon arrival.