It is dangerous—but proceed!

Published: Thursday, 18 June 2020

THE Soar is at present in flood, so Canal & River Trust tell that it is dangerous.

But is also advices to 'proceed with caution' Keith Gudgin reports.

Difficult to understand

Of the many difficult to understand notices from the Trust this one is very difficult to understand indeed, it informing boaters to proceed yet at the same time telling it is dangerous to do so.

This is exactly what it is doing covering the entire Soar between Kings Lock above Leicester and Redhill Lock where it joins the Trent warning 'the strong flows and rising water levels could make it difficult and dangerous'.

In flood

That however is the instruction it has issued today, that the river is in strong flowin fact in floodand dangerous but to proceed with caution.

As the river is dangerous, surely it is not sensible advice to suggest boaters still proceed.  The instruction should be not to proceed surely, as being caught out ourselves by the fast flooding river and stuck, and seen the wrecks it leaves in its wake, there is no other advice possible.