The three closed canals to be reopened—in July

Published: Thursday, 18 June 2020

THE three major closed canals are to be reopened for navigationwith restrictionson Monday 6th July.

The Leeds & Liverpool, Macclesfield and Peak Forest canals will all reopen on that date, but their lock flights will have time restrictions, Keith Gudgin reports.

Reservoirs at capacity or near capacity

No reason is given for these restrictions, though the reason for the closure in April was given as water shortage, yet the Environment Agency shows the reservoirs are all at capacity or near capacity.

However, the Wigan flight on the Leeds & Liverpool will be restricted to 8.30am to 10am entry with boats to be cleared by 12.30pm.  All the other flights on the waterways will have restrictions with opening from 10am to either 4pm or 5pm, and all with their locks chained-up after the closing time.

Macclesfield Canal

Bosley Lock Flight on the Macclesfield Canal will have its bottom locks open at 8am and top lock at 8.30am with last passage at 1pm and the flight chained-up at 3.30pm

The Marple Flight on the on the Peak Forest Canal will open at 8am and close at 4pm.

Various failures

There is no intimation as to the condition of the various failures on the Macclesfield that caused closures over varying periods before it was closed in April.  It is expected these have been rectified, though no work was undertaken during the period of the lockdown.