Inviting disaster on the Soar

Published: Friday, 19 June 2020

I WAS astounded to read a stoppage notice advising boaters to take care on the Soar, writes Joe Parkin.

I have just had a walk along the river by the moorings at Barrow with my dog and all the boats are well tied and they need to be as the water is going like the clappers and is definitely in flood, so I have to agree with you that advising boaters to take care on the Soar is inviting disaster as the river is downright dangerous as there are too many narrow sections, usually with bridges that court disaster when in flood.

Too many disasters

Here at Barrow there have been too many disasters with boats jammed in the bridge when the river is in flood, by risking it, usually in a hurry to get to their moorings at Pilling Lock Marina, and ignoring the red light in the process and thus paying the consequences of a river that it very quick to rise, and does so overnight all too often.  Mind you it falls as quickly, so it is only a matter of a wait, but some are not prepared, especially if only advised to 'take care'!

The advice would be more sensible by telling boaters not to use the river, especially with all the rain. It is worse this morning [Friday] and only suitable for committing hara-kiri.  Incidently the red light is on at the lock telling boaters not to proceed, so it is about time we started having sensible stoppage notices, as you have all too often had to correct their errors.

Knows next to nothing

Whilst on the subject I perhaps can give a bit of advice as a boater of nearly 30 years about those stoppage notices. They ought to be written by an actual boater who has had experience of the canals, someone who knows what is what, not a pen-pusher, that we seem to get nowadays who knows next to nothing.  Then we might get some sensible advice and those what you call Cartisms coming to an end.