Who is kidding who?

Published: Tuesday, 16 June 2020

The picture [of the damaged lock gate at Watford Flight]  shows clearly the failure of the timber around the collar of the gate in question, writes Roger Fox.

The failure is at one of the critical parts of the gate where the collar is sculpted out of the main timber.

WatfordCollapse2Replacement parts

Therefore, I am curious to receive an updated stoppage notice telling me that a Trust engineer has inspected the damage and ordered replacement parts.

You cannot get parts off the shelf to replace rotten timber. I expect that a steel corset will be manufactured to support what remains of the gate with a view to keeping it in service. That is not a replacement.  It is a bodge, albeit one which will keep boaters boating for a long time to come.

And it came to pass!

Roger was correct, as our Keith Gudgin confirms that Canal & River Trust has announced that the damage has been inspected  and  replacement parts ordered.

Anyone can see there is no way 'replacement parts' can repair the rotted timber—it has to be replaced, but highlights the continuing lack of proper maintenance. (Picture by coutesy of CanalWorld Forum.)