Cannot blame CaRT

Published: Wednesday, 17 June 2020

I can understand Sheila Hawkins’ concern about the ‘pushers’ on the Worcester & Birmingham Canal, writes Martin Howes.

But for once, I don’t think the blame can be laid at CaRT’s door, and cannot really see what they could bring to the party in relation to this antisocial behaviour, except to warn people as in Liverpool.

All be aware

Whilst it is women that have been targeted in this latest escapade, I think that we should all be aware of the danger. As a male of a certain age, I would feel threatened faced with a mob of adolescents.

Maybe if the towpaths were not made so cycle friendly, then they would not be an attraction to such individuals, but then you would be depriving others of a facility they enjoy, like the two women who were pushed in.