Deathly silence

Published: Monday, 15 June 2020

WITH all the publicity surrounding those women being pushed into the Worcester & Birmingham Canal why not any response from Canal & River Trust asks Sheila Hawkins?

It is obvious that with all the publicity the Trust are aware of the dangers to those women by that gang of scroats riding the towpath on their bikes and pushing women in, but all we get is deathly silence.

'Wellbeing' of the waterways

Would this perhaps have anything to do with the much promoted 'wellbeing' of the waterways?  For it certainly is not much wellbeing for those women and many others who will now think twice before venturing on to that towpath, or any others come to that.

I cycle from our boat to the shops along the towpath but my husband insists he now comes with me though we are not on that particular towpath but on the Trent & Mersey at the moment.

Woman pushed in

In a supermarket in Hanley, when the woman on the till saw my keys on a cork ball, realising I was a boater, asked if I knew anything about a woman being pushed in by the junction with the Caldon.

So the Birmingham incident is not a solitary occurrence.  And looking back through your site I notice that there have been others.  So what say the Trust?