Boat allowed to sink in the mire

Published: Tuesday, 19 May 2020

WHEN Gregory Martin booked a mooring for his cruiser at Redhill Marina he understood it would be safe.

Alas, it was not safe at all but allowed to sink, and here's what Gregory tells us:


This is my boat after less than three months in Redhill Marina [on the Soar] and I am sickened.  It's been 'written off' because the stench and the bacteria filled water has made it not financially viable to repair.

It  didn't sink in water. it slipped into excrement and slime.  Attached is my agreement with Redhill.  [Showing the payment of £131.74 for the period.]  They tied me alongside in berth four..  I don't say it sank.  I say it slid into the mire of excrement.

They rang me it had sunk but several days after it happened.  Rather suspicious I thought.  Especially as they'd recovered the boat, moved it, took the engine away to work on, then rang me!'