'Going to hell in a handcart'

Published: Tuesday, 19 May 2020

YOUR article about the resumption of cruising is a little downbeat, writes Martin Howes.

We get enough of this from the media, where nothing goes right, it’s not done quickly enough, it’s being done too quickly and we’re all going to hell in a handcart.

Should not be too different

Granted some of the lock gear may be a bit stiff with lack of use, but at least it hasn’t been damaged by overuse so should not be too much different to what it was before.  I don’t see silting being too much of a problem as no movement disturbs nothing. There may be a bit more weed because the settled water has cleared and allowed more light to it, and I’ve got a full skirt round my hull.  The ongoing problems and closures will get dealt with, probably not as efficiently as we would like, but that’s nothing different.

 I think the criticism from continuous cruisers is what we’ve grown accustomed to from a certain section of them. CaRT can never do enough for them and get the blame for breakdowns from the misuse of facilities, notably Elsan and pump-out blockages.

Cards and keys

And as for anyone who is not prepared for supply difficulties of cards and keys, then they should look at their own housekeeping.  Arrangements can easily be made within a week for postal supplies.

I’ll be happy to get back boating and feel sorry for those who have no outlet such as we have.