Look forward to all towpaths becoming cycle tracks

Published: Thursday, 07 May 2020

I WAS wondering how long it would be before Canal & River Trust and Sustrans joined forces, writes T. Lang.

We can now look forward to all the towpaths eventually being upgraded into fast cycle tracks, so boaters and their animals had better look out.

yclistsLockMooringsSome significance

I believe we can accept that towpaths would make ideal cycle tracks and have some significance in the effort to lessen the carbon 'imprint'.

But built as mixed use they are just not wide enough, and from the many accidents reported are downright dangerous.  (The picture is by a lock mooring on the Huddersfield Narrow Canal.)

A chance of survival

With 'Towpath Trust' telling of the many hundreds of millions of towpath visitors, not forgetting the many thousands of boater, surely some effort should be made to mark the cycleways as pedestrian/cyclist to give all a fighting chance of survival.