Good news for the Macc

Published: Monday, 09 March 2020

THE repairs to the collapsed embankment on the Macclesfield Canal are progressing well, Canal & Rivel Trust inform us.

The work to the embankment that failed at Bollington way back in October should be completed this week and the navigation reopened on Friday 13th March, Keith Gudgin reports.  However, boaters are requested not to move up to the embankment by mooring between Sugar Lane Bridge (26) and and Clarence Mill Footbridge as this will cause problems for the contractors.

BoatOnTrentTowpathStranded boat removed

Further good news is that the boat moored at Trent Lock in the floods that finished up on the towpath as now been removed by River Canal Rescue and the towpath clear.  (But alas, CaRT still maintain in calling the company Canal River Rescue.)

The owner foolishly left the boat at the mooring just past the water tap outside the junction of the Erewash Canal with the Trent during the recent floods and it was swept onto the towpath.

Delay at Lune Embankment

The recent rain has delayed the work on the Lune Embankment on the Lancaster Canal, with downpours flooding the workings that has led to severe difficulties in maintaining a dry, safe working environment for laying the geotextile liner.

This means a further delay to the repairs with the new date of reopening given as Friday 22nd May.