Stoppage notice senders should know better

Published: Monday, 09 March 2020

I UNDERSTAND I have had complaints on Twitter about my referring to the River Canal Rescue name change in a CaRT stoppage notice, it only being a slight error, writes James Henry.

But of course they have missed the point, not that someone should call the firm Canal River Rescue, but that those who send out stoppage notices should know better.

Cannot understand

Too many times I have had stoppage notices that I just cannot understand (as all who have them must) knowing that there are mistakes, not particular with name changes but getting the wrong place, the wrong dates or no practical information.  You only have to look back at some of them on your site.

It is only too obvious that whoever is in charge of these notices does not have an understanding of the waterways, perhaps just putting down what is told, but in the days when it was under British Waterways I don't remember any such errors, but of course in those days there was only a fraction of stoppages to report and they had more staff to do it.  Which are perhaps the real reasons.