Macclesfield Canal closed indefinitely

Published: Wednesday, 26 February 2020

ONCE again the Macclesfield Canal is closed to navigation this time for an indefinite period.

There is the possibility of a breach with 'concerns about the stability of the embankment' of the waterway, so Canal & River Trust have decided to close the navigation 'until further notice', Keith Gudgin reports.

mac first bridgeUpdate in March

There is no intimation of a possible reopening only the notice from the Trust today (Wednesday) of an update in March.

The location of the failing bank is given as between the junction with the Peak Forest Canal (pictured) and Bridge 4 on the Macclesfield. 

Prevent navigation

Stop planks are at present being installed to allow the waterway to be drained and inspected.  These will be left in place to prevent navigation within the affected area.