No access to stranded Trent narrowboat

Published: Wednesday, 26 February 2020

A FURTHER flood on the Trent and Soar has scuppered the possibility of a quick removal from the towpath of the stranded boat.

The access to the boat from the road at Trent Lock was again flooded yesterday preventing any hope of access to the stricken boat.

TrentLockOnTowpathTowpath covered

The entire towpath to the Cranfield Cut flood gate is covered, with the forecast that the water was still rising and expected to peak later in the day.

As reported in narrowboatworld the boat was left moored to the bank whilst the Trent flooded, it being 'deposited' on the towpath where is now remains until rescue can be acheived.

Better by water

The photograph shows the flooded towpath with the water tap at the road edge protruding from the water.  The stranded boat is just around the corner.  The notice by states 'Better by Water'!