Restrictions at Trent Bridge

Published: Wednesday, 26 February 2020

WITH Nottingham City Council carrying out a major refurbishment of Trent Bridge in Nottingham, restrictions will be in place

Though originally scaffolding was to be erected under the centre span this has now been changed to being erected on Victoria Embankment and floated  into position using pontoons, Keith Gudgin reports.


Therefore, during the initial week of works from 2nd March to 8th March, boats will be unable to use the centre span but must use the southern side span to navigate through the bridge that is restricted.

This means that such as trip or commercial boats will be unable to navigate under the bridge and must turn beforehand.

Moorings closed

The visitor moorings below Trent Bridge and Meadow Lane Lock on the river are suspended to allow for emergency access/mooring of the large trip boats that will be required to turn below Trent Bridge.  It is not stated if boats using the Nottingham Canal will be able to moor on the river when passing through the lock.