Stupid place to moor on a flooding river!

Published: Monday, 24 February 2020

WITH red flood warning for the Trent one boater decided to stay put on the moorings on the river at Trent Lock—and paid the price!

His boat is now firmly stuck on the towpath opposite the sail boat club just below Trent Lock after ignoring all warnings to vacate the river and seek safety on Cranfleet Cut or the Erewash Canal.

BoatOnTrentTowpathDecided to stay-put

Bryn Harding took the decision to stay-put where he was moored just below the water point outside Trent Lock, and with the river rising in the flood, it took his boat onto the towpath into the hedge, as he had no alternative but to release his moorings otherwise his boat would have been flooded and sunk.

With the combined floods of both the Trent and Soar raising the water to a perilous height, he had no alternative but to leave his boat to the mercy of the rising water, as it was no longer safe.