Drone used for river rescues

Published: Monday, 27 January 2020

BOTH the police and fire services in Nottinghamshire are now using a drone to locate people in the Trent.

Those people who tend to drive their cars into rivers now have a better chance of being rescued with both the police and fire services in the county using a drone to locate people who have driven into or fallen into the river, Alan Tilbury reports.

DroneVehicleSubmerged car

The fire service was called to a car submerged in the river at Gunthorpe, and the drone use to ascertain if anyone was inside, but in this case the driver had escaped and managed to get to the bank, though his condition warranted  him being taken to hospital.

Having the drone at the scene gave the officers a clearer picture and allowed a more detailed decision to be made using the view from its camera.

This was the first time the drone had been used and was considered a success, and will be used for other such similar situations.