No marina for Middlewich

Published: Monday, 27 January 2020

MIDDLEWICH Town Council believe that including a marina in a masterplan is no more than a carrot to get planning permission passed for houses.

The marina is part of a masterplan by Intertechnic that was thrown out 12 months ago but its replacement still does not satisfy the council and has been refused, stating that it will fight ‘tooth and nail’ against the plan for the proposed  marina, Alan Tilbury reports.

Extensive housing

Councillors believe the new marina is nothing more than a carrot to get extensive housing and other development through the planning stage.

Cheshire East Council is creating its own vision for the site, with a separate two years old planning application from Intertechnic still awaiting a decision.


The masterplan was amended by Intertechnic after a public consultation 12 months ago, but still does not satisfy Middlewich Town Council members.

The amended masterplan document includes a mixed-use residential and industrial development, with provision for road alterations, land for a train station and around 200 homes and a 20 berths marina.

There is also the potential for more homes in future redevelopment of the wider site.


But councillors are concerned just how realistic some aspects of the plan may prove to be, with a Councillor, Carol Bulman, telling:

“We don’t really believe that they will get around to the marina anyway.  This is a way of shoehorning in more houses.  It’s a sweetener that makes way for more houses.”