The same with the Droitwich Canal

Published: Thursday, 23 January 2020

THE fact that the Canal & River Trust took such credit for the restoration of the Grantham Canal in that report is no surprise to me, writes William Ford.

A spanner in the works

I should think that most people know it is the Grantham Canal Society that are restoring the canal, and I should imagine the only thing that Canal & River Trust do is throw a spanner in the works from time to time with its regulations and demands for nature reserves.

Looking at the site of Canal & River Trust it says that 'The Droitwich Barge Canal and Droitwich Junction Canal re-opened in 2011, after years of hard work by the Droitwich Canal Trust, local volunteers and ourselves in our former guise of British Waterways'.

Involved with the restoration

I was involved with the Droitwich Canal restoration and I can tell you that it was the Droitwich Canal Trust with the help of the Waterways Recovery Group that restored that canal, the then British Waterways only stuck its oar in to make us provide such as a nature reserve and show our work off by having a press occasion at the lock where it joins the Severn.

We had people who could understand the original plans and drawings a lot better that those at British Waterways, so were quite capable of restoring the canal, as I guess so are those people at the Grantham Canal.