What do you make of that?

Published: Wednesday, 20 November 2019

THE Canal & River Trust seems to have hit on a new all-encompassing excuse for its waterway stoppages.

It describes a stoppage on the Grand Union Canal as being caused by 'potential loss of water', Keith Gudgin reports.

Not lost it yet

So what do you make of that?  It  obviously has not lost any water yet but it seems it is expecting to! 

But it gets worse for the stoppage notice claims it is at locks on the Marsworth Grand Union Canal.

Difficult to understand

As Victor pointed out it really is about time CaRT employed someone who knew about the waterways to be in charge of stoppage notices, as these 'Cartisms' are coming fast and furious leaving boaters in a quandary as to their meaning.  It is certainly difficult to understand what this one means.